Return and Refund Policy

Please note that all sales are final. We will not accept any returns or refunds if you simply do not want the item anymore. We do however accept returns and refunds in case of our mistakes. Please see the claim section below for specific return code that we accept.

Order Cancellation Policy

Since the order will be shipped after you do the payment, we do not offer any order cancellation policy. All the orders that are paid will be scheduled to ship out in the promised time frame.


Shortage: In the event you are mistakenly billed for an item that was not received, we will process a shortage claim to replace the missing items or reimburse your account. Claims for products billed but not received are subject to review and verification.

Mis-Picks: If you receive the wrong product, you will need to provide the UPC number from the item you did receive. We will process a claim to replace the incorrect item or reimburse your account.

Undelivered Packages: We will issue a refund for lost in transit shipments that are not delivered to the destination. We will not issue a refund for packages where a delivery confirmation has been received from the shipping carrier. Distributor does not utilize Signature Delivery service.

Expired: All claims for expired inventory must be accompanied with the Expiration Date from the items you received. In accordance with our policy, we will not issue a refund for expired merchandise if the order was shipped within 30 or more days from the “best by” date. We guarantees a minimum shelf life of 30 days.

Damaged: All damage claims must be accompanied by digital photograph and details about the damage.

Product Defect: We will issue a refund for defects such as missing safety seal or no label. Quality complaints due to taste, touch or smell should be reported to the manufacturer.

Inaccurate Image/Description due to Packaging Change: We are not responsible for refunds due to a manufacturer visual packaging change, nor representation of new product labeling where the image or product description does not reflect the exact visual package shipped.


We do not accept or process backorders.

We work hard not to accept an order unless we have the item in stock. However, between the time an order is placed and an order is picked, an item may go out of stock. If one or more items on your order are not in stock, or is not available, the item is removed from the order and the balance of the order is shipped. You will only be charged for the items on your order that ship.